Telecommunication & IT

We provide service to represent client in telecommunication sector, including drafting agreements of supply, licensing, technical support and development of IT and other technologies.

We have the expertise in the burgeoning e-commerce industry including its rapidly developing regulatory environment in Indonesia telecommunication and IT development, implementation and operations.

Banking & Finance

We provides service to access banking and financing matters on all legal aspects which are suitable for establishing and operating financial need in Indonesia, and if needed assisting or representing clients for any legal specific needs.

We prepare loan agreements and security documents for financial institution, both within and outside Indonesia, and help investors to establish and operate mutual funds and pension plans. We also serves as Indonesia counsel to foreign lenders on project finance and syndicated commercial loan transactions, and assist with corporate debt restructurings and workouts of all size and complexities.

Real Estate & Land Property

We are developing to becomes expert Land and Property Law especially its legal aspects and on all types of real estate transaction as counsels for developers, contractors, renters and lenders. We have experience negotiating and drafting commercial leases of various nominal and land size and complexity, and can help client coordinate large real estate acquisitions for hotel developments, industrial use and infrastructure projects.

Supporting the above points, We maintain good relationship with notaries in major Indonesian cities and also governmental institutions _ in the area related to the land issues.

Procurement, Antitrust & Competition Law

We are familiar with various type of government procurement and its rules adapt with Indonesia business system. We advise on sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, sale and franchising of product as well as service in the private sector.

We handle cases in government procurement related to policy and regulation compliance and every procurement process, from the beginning, implementation as well as assisting or representing client on trade and commercial court.

We also advise client on possible unfair trade practices and other competition related restrictions and represent client before the Anti-Monopoly Supervisor commission (KPPU).

Merger, Acquisitions, Liquidation & Permits

We provide service or mergers, acquisitions, liquidation and permit Issues, including assisting in asset and share acquisitions transactions, restructuring, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance and completing all related due diligence and documents.

We also provide our clients with service updating regulations or mergers, acquisitions, liquidations and permits of the establishment and related permissions for liquidations, we provides client as well with assistance in the perspective of the debtors of liquidated company, we insure the right will be safe in both regulation and court statement.

Risk Management & Regulation Research

We provide due diligence on regulation procedures related with Risk Management and Regulation Research in order to identify the proper strategy, avoid and risk possibilities, preparing risk mitigation list and also provide recommendations to their policies and operations in accordance with the applicable law. We conduct legal research to evaluate and regulations which may suitable with client needs in accordance with the existing law in Indonesia, and provide comprehensive picture with business information and all related aspects such as political conditions and public environment.

Tax Law

We provide services for current tax laws and policies issued by the Directorate and General of Taxation for the most tax-friendly approach to all types of transactions both corporate and personal interest. We assess the tax implications of complicated business structure and investments as well as real estate acquisition and other transactions.

Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas

We provide legal assistance for foreign investor mining sector, and keep up to date related regulation that may have effect on investment.

We provide services to represent client to various transactions in oil and gas sector that includes explorations and exploitation, trade transaction, agreement in fuel supply(coal or gas), join operations agreement, and other activities and/or agreement customary. We assist client start, from the negotiation process until the implementation also contract settlement.

We handle all corporate,. environmental, labor, mining rights, tax, contract negotiation and dispute resolution matters for our energy, mining and other natural resources client, as well as representing lenders in mine financing projects.

As regulations in this sector - are continuously changing, we will updating, our client to purposed changes in the laws that regulated the oil and gas sector , including procurement regulations.

Labor & Employment

We provide legal service as well as updating client with Indonesian's labor environment and regulations that are heavily, influenced with political and social issues which often resulting in frequent modification in labor laws and regulations. We update such changes and advise corporate clients on matters such as personnel policies and work rules, employment contracts, collective bargaining arrangement, pension funds, mandatory training and social security programs and related matters. We also arranges work permit, visas, residency permits and related government approvals and fillings.

Litigation, Arbitration & ADR

In the event of dispute, we assist our client in developing strategies, claims and defenses, as well seeking reasonable ground for settlement and compromise.

We advise clients with arbitration proceedings that -include the Singapore International Arbitration Center(SlAC), the United Nations Commissions on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), rules and the rules of the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes(lCSlD).

We will advise Client to alternative Dispute Resolutions to the related institution should the need arise, that subsequently will implement the suitable and agreed solutions for conflicting parties.