Arisakti graduated from the Faculty of Law of Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia, with a degree in International Law. He then pursued a Master of Notary Vocational degree at Diponegoro University and graduated in 2004. Arisakti passed bar (PERADI or the National Association for Practicing Lawyers) in 2007, which provides him with the license to practise law. He is the Managing Partner in Prihatwono Law Firm, established in late 2013.

His work experience includes that of professional duties as well as entrepreneurship area. In 2006 he joined PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia, a telecommunication company, as Legal Counsel. In 2010 he was appointed to focus on Regulatory Strategies in the company. His strategic work includes that of government relations in the telecommunication sector and in ICT in general. During the period, he was very active in regulatory discussions and working groups in the Ministry of ICT. He is an active member of ATSI (Asosiasi Telekomunikasi Seluler Indonesia – Association of Cellular Provider Service Company), some of them are the stolen credit (Pencurian Pulsa), Telecommunication Tower and its Regional Autonomy, Lawful Interception, Quality of Service from Cellular Provider Service Company, Pre-Paid Cards Obligation for ID and Content-based Regulation.

In Tech Start Up industry, he plays a big role in founding ATSINDO (Association Tech Start Up Indonesia) as the Coordinator for Legal Issues. Recently he also takes part in initiating PSFS (Pusat Studi Fintech Syariah – Center of Study Fintech Syariah) based in STIE Tazkia. He also has an important role in sharia issues such as Wakaf and has been appointed as the Legal Adviser at Wakaf Al Azhar Jakarta. He advise how to gain license Wakaf Online from Financial Services Authority of Indonesia and also other compliance aspect for fintech aspect.

Arisakti did not only concern himself with study but had also been active in student organizations. He was a recipient of Ministry of Education Academic Scholarship in 1995 – 1999. He often served as the Head of Delegation of Law Students in ASEAN regional events, among others, as the Chief of Indonesian Delegates for ASEAN Law Students Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 1998. He is now serving as the founder of Pejuang Subuh (Morning Prayer Warrior) movement and as the member of the Board of Trustees of Pejuang Subuh Indonesia Foundation, an Islamic non-profit organization that focuses on modesty and moral devotion in Islamic tenets.